A Brief History About Video Games

It is not long that video games have been invented. But the games are much older than you can imagine. The oldest game is the “Tennis of Two”. This game was invented by John Higgingbotham in 1958. The video game of that time consisted of horizontal line on the screen along a perpendicular lie to represent the net. The next video game was invented in the 1960 with “Spacewar”. The next game was played using the television.

The video arcade game “Computer Space” came in the early 1970’s. So long and so forth came in new inventions of video games. Coming to the present time we now find thousands of games. These are easily available. The makers of the games keep improving them from time to time to cope up with the current situation.

All the games have become downloadable. Thus, people can play in their phones and tablets instead of buying video games. The game might have 3-D graphics, realistic movements, and outstanding sound quality. The greater and most common names of video games are X-Box, Game Cube, PlayStation 2, etc.

Some of the common concerns of this industry are children get more attracted to these games. Where the games increase their mental activity but lessen their physical activity. Some parents even come to blame the manufacturers. Thus, the makers have introduced UFABET the interactive games. The dance pads added requires the players to imitate the movements of dance. Several other technologies are also being adopted to make the system at par with the age of the player.

The advantages of using video games for kids-

• Makes the children interactive. The ones that always remained shy would be able to make new friends on the virtual media. Often these friendships can be real.

• Minimizes stress factors if your child is suffering from anxiety. This generally happens due to stressful life and too much engrossment in daily routine without keeping time for the self.

• Increases mental activity. A player has to remain alert about every aspect of the game lest he/she be defeated. Thus, this in real life increases alertness and awareness in the person.

• Leads to the growth of the brain with increases mental activity.